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The Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology is published by Atomic Energy Organization of Iran. With the aim of expanding scientific communication, organizing  research and technology and promoting nuclear science and technology, the journal publishes new findings and achievements in basic, applied and developmental  research in the form of regular journal article.

Manuscript Preparation Guide

General Requirements of a Journal Article:
  1. It must be written in Persian.
  2. It must be innovative and include research findings in the various fields of nuclear science and technology and related disciplines.
  3. It must be unpublished and must not be in any review process in any other journals.


Acceptable types of scientific papers:
  1. Research Article: A detailed report of an innovative research activity, including innovative scientific and technological results, conducted by one or more researchers.  
  2. Short Paper: Reports the results of a research activity that conforms to journal standards but not as detailed as a research article. 
  3. Technical Paper: Reports a theoretical or empirical work in which the principles of scientific-technical writing are clearly stated. 
Outlines of a Journal Articles:
  • Title page
  • Abstract
  • Keywords
  • Body
  • References


Title Page:

1. Article title: It should be comprehensive, clear, concise and as far as possible
without English words.

2. Name and surname of the author (s)؛ corresponding author must be marked
with an “*”.

3. Research site

4. Full address of the author(s)’ workplace; e-mail address, telephone number,
and fax.


In the abstract, the topic on which the research is carried out, research method and the main results should be stated. The article should contain English and Persian  abstracts (maximum 200 words). English abstract should be in full compliance with Persian abstract in terms of content and data. 


There should be at least 3 to 5 Persian keywords (and their English equivalents).

Keywords should be found both in the text and in the abstract.


B-Nazanin font size 12 for Persian texts and Times New Roman font size 11 for English texts are used. The text should include an introduction, description of  theoretical, empirical or simulation methods, results and discussion, conclusion, acknowledgment and  appreciation (if necessary). Note that in the introduction  section, after defining the subject, reference needs to be made to researches done in that field. By comparing  past research with the work done, innovation and  originality of the work must be clearly stated.  

  1. In the final section (conclusion), emphasis should be placed on qualitative (rather than quantitative) results. This section should not refer to figures, tables or  references.
  2. Units must be in SI units in the international system. If you would like to use other units of measurement, they must be used with their SI equivalent in  parentheses, e.g. GBq 37 (1Ci).
  3. Place the percent mark to the right side of the numbers, such as 10%.
  4. Numbers of the equation should be placed using parentheses, such as (1). 
  5. All formulas and equations must be in italics and their units in simple form. In addition, the numbers in the formulas must be in Persian and the parameters in  the formulas must be italicized in the text.
  6. Isotopes should be written in uppercase, with the chemical symbol of the element, such as Co60.
  7. All figures and data should be written in Persian, and their units in English, such as 52/4 kg. 


Figures and Tables

1) The figures, pictures and tables and the contents within them shall be of appropriate size and easy to read.

2) Blanks in shapes or tables should be removed as far  as possible.

3) Tables and Figures’ content should be in Persian to the extent possible.

4) Appropriate reference must be given to the figures and tables in the article.



Essential explanations of words or abbreviations should be provided at the footer of each page. They should also be numbered in the text, and numbered in  superscript.



1) Use the "Reference template link" to insert the references. References should be numbered in English based on the order of reference in the text. For non-English  references, refer to the resource language in English at the end of the references and in parentheses. For example, if the reference used is in Persian, add the phrase  (In Persian) to the end of the reference.

2) In the body of the article, the reference number should be inserted into the brackets, such as [1].

Note: Articles that have not inserted based on the journal reference format will be rejected prior to the review process. 

More details

1) The authors are responsible for the accuracy of the published material from scientific, ethical and legal points of view. 

2) Final editing of accepted articles will be the responsibility of the editors of the journal (if needed the corresponding author will be contacted). 

3) It is permissible to cite material from this journal by mentioning the Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology and the authors of the article. 


Submitting Manuscript

1) Articles should be written based on the format of the journal. 

2) Articles submission link is available through the journal's website.

3) If an article is resubmitted, all corrections and changes made need to be highlighted. 

4) It is necessary to fill out the commitment and conflict of interest forms (available on the Journal’s website). Submitting the forms at the beginning will make the publication of the accepted article easier.


Journal subscription

Subscribers can apply for a subscription form (available on the Journal’s website) and submit a bank receipt to the Journal Secretariat's address.



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