A Peer - Reviewed Journal by Nuclear Science & Technology Research Institute

2019  December 23: Articles in the Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology were indexed on the DOI-Crossref website.

 2019   December 30: The English section of the site was uploaded and upgraded.

2019   November 19: All articles in this journal are checked by an advanced scientific        plagiarism detector software.

2019   November 4: The appointment of Dr. Maysam Torab Mostaedi as the new director-  in-charge of the Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology.

2019   September 24: Accelerating the executive process of the journal: the articles            submitted to the journal are judged in nearly 45 days, and the final                                        decision about the manuscripts (acceptance or rejection) is made.

2019   September 3: Electronic ISSN number issued; 5861-2676

2019   September 1: Actions taken to improve the Journal position:

  1. Website appearance and design was changed.
  2. Indexing Databases and Abstracting were added to the left part of the Website.
  3. Articles published since 1981 up to 2019 were uploaded in the website in ordered volumes and issues (40 Volumes)
  4. The statistics of the published and rejected articles, acceptance percentage and all necessary data were uploaded in the website.
  5. “Journal information” link was updated, and 8 necessary links, such as the journal Ethics, the Scientific Research Ethics Code etc. were added to this link.
  6. “Author's Guide” link was updated, and 8 necessary links, such as essay writing guide, article format guide, article editing guide etc. were added to this link.
  7. “Reviewer Guide” link was updated.
  8. “Contact us” link was updated.
  9. “reviewing forms” were updated in accordance with the standards of domestic and foreign journals.

10.Speeding up the process of uploading published articles to article review websites to enhance the rank of the to the highest level.

11.Journals cover Page, regular and consistent numbering were changed in accordance to the standards of domestic and foreign journals, e.g. Volume 87, Issue 1, Spring 2019.

12.The articles of the Journal are publishing in four regular consistent numbering and volume per year.

13.The number of published articles increased to 15-18 in each issue per year.

14.Necessary changes done in typesetting and layout of the published articles.

15.P.S. changed into footnotes.

16.References citation Style changed according to citation style uploaded in the website,  

17.In support of the Scientific “Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology”, the enrichment of the country's nuclear science and technology and the preservation of the Persian language, authors were recommended to cite their English and Persian papers.

18.Cooperating with expert reviewers from prestigious universities in the country to enhance the quality of reviewing process and to utilize specialists in the related fields.

19.Manuscript Review Guide link added to the website.

20.Praising top reviewers at the end of each year.

2019   August 25: Journal Website is updating.

2019   August 10:  Journal writing font changed into “B Nazanin”.

2019   July 27: Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology Volume 87, Issue 1, Spring         1398 was published with a new design.

2019   July 24: previously published volumes were uploaded.

2019   July 1: Respected authors were asked to contribute to this important movement in    support of the Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology, enrichment of                            the Nuclear Science and Technology of the country and the increase in                                  citation level of the Journal.

2019   June 22: Dr. Seyed Abolfazl Ghasemi was appointed as the scientific and executive   director of the Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology publication.