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1 Staff of central lab

2 Department of nuclear fuel cycle

3 Rahbordi


Xenon radioisotopes are one of the products of nuclear fission of uranium. These radioisotopes are released in the form of gas in the process of dissolving the uranium target to extract 99Mo. The aim of this research is to measure the activity of released xenon radioisotopes. For this, radioxenon is separated from other fission products using activated charcoal and purified after passing through a carbon molecular sieve. Pure radioxenon is directed into the measurement chamber and determined using HPGe detector. Calibration of the detector efficiency has been performed via using experimental and simulation (using MCNPX27e code) methods in which the difference was less than 22%. In this way, the average activity of 100 cc of radioxenon gas at the moment after the end of irradiation was equal to 54225 ±2272 Bq.


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