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Submitting Article

  After submitting the article, it is possible to check the status of the article and effectively communicate with the executive director.This procedure covers all the steps of the article registration and the author's specifications such as review of the article's file, the status of the article, and any comment on each article


 “Article submission” steps are as follows


1. Download the article format from the Author's Guide section and prepare the  article according to the format

2. Website registration: You must register as a user before submitting an article Therefore, fill out the website membership form

3. Submitting the manuscript: To submit your manuscript you need to select the "Submit New Article" link. Once you entered the submission form, the following steps will be available for you to obtain the specifications of the manuscript.

4. Click “Submit New Manuscript”.

5. Select manuscript type.

6.Enter title of your manuscript.

7. Add author/s

8. Add abstract.

9. Add key words.

10. Add further details.

11. Suggest reviewers.

12. Upload the manuscript file and fill in the required forms.

13. Fill in the “Letter to the editor and checklist” section.

14. In the "Complete Article Submission" option, your article will be displayed at a glance.

15. Click “Submit Manuscript” button to submit the manuscript


Guide for Submitting Article