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Document Type : Research Paper


1 Nuclear Science and Technology Research Institute (NSTRI), Reactor and Nuclear Safety Research School

2 Nuclear Science and Technology Research institute (NSTRI), Reactor and Nuclear Safety School


One of the challenges faced by the operational personnel of Tehran Research Reactor (TRR) is the handling and management of the spent fuels of the reactor. In order to estimate the risks and also considering the necessary measures, one should know the dose of fuel assemblies in the air before any transportation. Due to the radiation intensity of the spent fuels and as a result of their high dose rate, it is not possible to directly measure the dose rate of these fuels in the air. Therefore, the dose rate must be measured inside the water of the reactor pool, and then, knowing the conversion rate of the dose rate from water to air, its value in the air should be estimated. In this research, the dose conversion factor from water to air for gamma rays emitted from spent fuels of TRR has been estimated using fission molly source experiment and also Monte Carlo simulation utilizing MCNP code. The results obtained from the above methods show a relatively good agreement with each other.